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The terms special edition , limited edition , and variants such as deluxe edition , or collector's edition , are used as a marketing incentive for various kinds of products, originally published products related to the arts, such as books, prints, video games or recorded music and films, but now including clothing, cars, fine wine , and whisky , among other products. A limited edition is restricted in the number of copies produced, although in fact the number may be very low or very high. A special edition implies there is extra material of some kind included.

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The term is frequently used on DVD film releases, often when the so-called "special" edition is actually the only version released. Collector's edition may just be another term for special edition and limited edition products that include additional features or items that regular versions do not have.

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Speaking about books, collector's edition products may refer to books in special limited and numbered editions , sometimes hand-bound, and signed by the artist and containing one or more original works or prints produced directly from their work and printed under their supervision. Whatever these extra features or items are, they must represent additional value to collectors of these products [2].

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Popular culture widely employs Special, Deluxe, Expanded and Limited Edition in marketing, releasing subsequent, improved versions of film DVDs, music, and video games. Companies widely use special editions and incremental improvements to sell the same products to consumers multiple times. This has been seen in the 10th Anniversary edition of Titanic , which simply consists of the first two discs of the previous Special Collector's edition , only with new packaging, and on CD with the 30 Year Anniversary Edition of Bob Marley 's Exodus , which has exactly the same content as the original album, but in new packaging.

In many cases, successful film releases have had items made in limited numbers. These "limited editions" usually contain the best DVD edition possible of a film with special items in a box set , sometimes containing items available only in the limited edition. Items marked thus are often but not always released for a shorter time and in lower quantity than common editions, often with a running number e. It is also common to have such items packaged with unique designs.


With the success of DVDs, special editions of films themselves instead of just special editions of film DVDs have also become fairly common. Sharing similarities with the concept of a director's cut another long-suffering inflation-by-marketing term.

These generally feature additional in-movie material. The material may be footage originally deleted from the final cut, or new digitally-created, interpolated content. Unlike true director's cuts, the directors may not have had part in such projects, such as in Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut , in which Richard Donner did not help create the new version, just supply the material [3].

Limited edition prints, also known as LEs, have been standard in printmaking from the nineteenth century onwards.

Dear Sackler family, your greed turned my son into a quadriplegic

A limit to the print run is crucial, as many traditional printmaking techniques can only produce a limited number of best quality impressions. This can be as few as ten or twenty for a technique like drypoint , but more commonly would be in the low hundreds - print runs of over a thousand are regarded as dubious by the serious art market for original prints, even though with many techniques there is no loss of quality. Edition sizes higher than about are likely to be of print reproductions of paintings, of much less value, though some modern techniques blur this traditional distinction.

To stop his heart and then restart it. By the grace of God, Aaron is here with us another day.

When we reached day 10 in the ICU, Aaron had shown no physical or mental signs of improvement. The doctors were advocating for my husband Michael and I to withdraw care from our son, taking him off life support machines. Aaron finally did open his eyes. They were not the gorgeous blue eyes I had recognized for 23 years, but they were open. Aaron survived the devastation OxyContin wreaked on his body, but only just.

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  • Today he is a quadriplegic who cannot speak any more and needs hour care. Sackler family, your insatiable greed has filled cemeteries across America.


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    But our son Aaron is not buried in a graveyard. He is buried above ground, trapped in his own body, fighting desperately to regain pieces of himself that opioid-induced darkness took from him. Third, all translation requires interpretation. One cannot convey meaning in a second language without first deciding what it means in the original. This step of interpretation in translation is unavoidable and imperfect; equally skilled and well-meaning scholars will interpret differently.

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    Fourth, a traditional translation requires one to choose a single possibility—whether of a word or an interpretation—when in fact two or more may be plausible. Those are four brutal realities of Bible translation that scholars readily admit can never be completely solved. The Expanded Bible does not claim to magically fix this issue, but it does help readers get a more complete understanding of difficult-to-translate Bible passages. It does this by presenting alternate translation possibilities whenever a single translation choice would fail to convey the full meaning of the original text.

    The Expanded Bible is an excellent study Bible. We hope this unique Bible translation becomes a regular and useful part of your devotional reading this year. You can read more about the Expanded Bible and about how to read the bracketed notes here.

    Print versions are available at the Bible Gateway store.