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Convincing myself, I took the risk of taking two tolas 20 gms of hashish through the Trivandrum airport during a trip with friends to Kerala in I divided up the maal , stuffing bits in pockets of different clothes in my check-in baggage.

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All was good. We stepped out of the airport, and in minutes, I could surprise my friends with a freshly-rolled blunt. In my own universe, I was a hero. After that, I began taking hashish regularly on all my holidays and official trips: Indore, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Goa, and other places in the country. The maximum I have travelled with was 50 gms when I went to Tamil Nadu.

Like always, I took it when I went to Mumbai a couple of months ago on a work trip. By now, I was a pro at hiding the stuff in my check-in baggage and sometimes, my hand baggage as well. On my way back home from Mumbai, I finished my work early and reached the airport three to four hours before my flight time. I was exhausted and bored.


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I went to the airport washroom and took out some hash from my wallet. Rolling paper would look conspicuous, so I took out the tobacco from a cigarette, mixed it with the hash and refilled the cigarette. Putting the cigarette back into the packet, I went directly to the smoking room, where people were smoking. My chosen spot was in a corner where the ventilation was directly above me.

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As soon as a man standing there left, I occupied the spot, lit my hashish cigarette, and started smoking—exhaling smoke at the exhaust above. In a sea of flavoured cigarettes, nobody noticed the smell of hash. After I finished my disguised joint, I got pretty baked.

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I walked out, listened to music, noticed passengers running around to make it in time for their flights, and the beautiful planes taking off or landing. Of course, the munchies hit.

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Six costly bottles of water, a sandwich, a doughnut, a coke and a juice later, I heard an announcement for my flight. The time that I would usually spend annoyed and frantic had passed by in a daze. My flight back to Delhi was beautiful, and greening out at 30, feet meant I was high all right.

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VICE India in no way endorses the illegal usage of cannabis or other narcotics. To show the volatility of Class B, Westhill was ranked no.

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Among the Class C sides, Waterville sits no. This week brings us the Section III golf championships for the fall season. In Tuesday at Rogues Roost, small-school sides tee off with no clear favorite among the likes of CBA, Westhill and Skanetaeles, each of them having beat each other during the regular season. The Class A tournament should be close and competitive, too, with J-D undefeated for most of the season before taking a defeat to Auburn late last week.

Meanwhile, at the E. Baldwinsville did best among large-school teams at McQuaid, a few points ahead of Liverpool. This week will feature cooler weather and very different running conditions, with the local competitions including the Tully Invitational and Whitesboro Invitational. Burnt Hills won that division as F-M claimed the Silver division and Westhill, the reigining state Class B champions who did not lose a set in league matches in September, defeating J-D in three sets for the Bronze division title.

This is also the final week of the regular season in girls tennis across Central New York, just in time as weather is expected to turn colder and wetter, just before the big end-of-season tournament that takes place indoors. Generic filters Hidden label. Hidden label. Choose Any baseball basketball bowling cross country diving field hockey football golf gymnastics hockey lacrosse soccer softball swimming tennis track volleyball wrestling.

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