Heidi Heckelbeck and the Tie-Dyed Bunny

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About the Author Wanda Coven has always loved magic. When she was little, she used to make secret potions from smooshed shells and acorns. Then she would pretend to transport herself and her friends to enchanted places. Now she visits other worlds through writing. Wanda lives with her husband and son in San Jose, California. Read-iculously Low Prices. View cart Add to wishlist Your Wishlists. Add to cart.

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Add to wishlist Your Wishlists. Easter is just a few days away and Heidi Heckelbeck can't wait! The holiday weekend is even more special because it's Heidi's turn to take home Maggie, the school's bunny. But when Heidi takes Maggie out of her cage, trouble follows. Maggie escapes from Heidi's arms and runs through all of the Easter egg dye! Will Heidi figure out how to un -tie-dye the colorful bunny before she has to take her back to school?

Heidi Heckelbeck and the Tie-Dyed Bunny

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Heidi Heckelbeck chapter books are perfect for beginning readers. By Molly H. Ego exposes her to the inevitable truth She just wants to be set free By Floranova B. Morone, Dan Ehlke.

Washburn, Cheryl Pierson, Sarah J. By April Elder. They Want Me to Fundraise! By Tim Handrich, Deb Schroeder.

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Heidi Heckelbeck and the Tie-Dyed Bunny (Heidi Heckelbeck) [Paperback]

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Heidi Heckelbeck and the Tie-Dyed Bunny by Wanda Coven - ISBN: (Turtleback Books)

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  • Heidi Heckelbeck and the Tie-Dyed Bunny.

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