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An inspiring effort. I would like to send you a book that will add the Para-Olympics to your wonderful list. Please email a postal address to me. Best wishes. Elizabeth New Zealand. Best wishes Ann. What a simply superb project, I am so excited to read the suggestions and the comments are such a value addition. I am going to spend my entire spare money on what I havent read so far, from your list, i guess. I am from India, and I note that both the suggestions in comments and your list for India reads are those written originally in English.

I have to say these are just second best to what regional literature we have here in over 23 official languages and a couple of hundreds of other languages spoken across the country. Penguin India has published both these writers in translation if I remember right. Or check with the publications of the Central Sahitya Akademi, the government wing that gives the annual writing awards. They publish all award winners in translation to English. So you have a choice for an entire new year of reading.

Other than this, I was surprised to find that the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra was not on your list. Actually it isnt a she its a he that writes under the name Yasmina. Thank you very much for this Suneetha. I shall add them to the list. India is without question going to be one of my most difficult choices. It has such a rich and varied literary tradition that I could easily spend a decade just reading Indian books.

He is one of the very best-known writers in English within India, but he is virtually unknown without.

His style is crisp and pared back, almost Hemingway-esque without the machismo. He has a wry naughtiness on par with Roald Dahl, and his short stories are perfectly formed little nuggets — either wickedly funny, or with gut-punch impact. The Portrait of a Lady: The Collected Short Stories, would be a good choice, but better still would be his magnificent little novel Train to Pakistan, the single greatest literary response to the partition of India, angry and erudite but with a very simple presentation.

I read it in one sitting first time around, and the final page had me physically trembling…. Thanks Tim. Khushwant Singh sounds great. Who knows, I may even mention your comment in my post!

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Anyway, this inspired me to maybe try and keep a list like that. I want to visit every country in the world so figures I could try and read a book from every country first :D. You have just made my day. For some reason, there seem to be loads of Czech authors whose works have been translated but very few Slovakians — do you have any idea why this might be?

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So the czechs made an impact with writers like Kundera who became immensely popular in the western world not so much in czech republic as he was a commie when young and Kundera is trying to hide it. So the czechs made an impact and were relatively popular, however few years after the velvet revolution the western media stopped caring about these countries, and the publicity stopped. The czechs were already known and in demand, they were bohemian after all, and were better at selling themselves. I did the Slavonic studies module which was great fun although they talked about Czechoslovakia there was rarely ever mention about any slovaks, even though the module included hungary who are anything but slavs.

This is fantastic!!! It is a great book and it was recently on at the National Theatre. Thanks very much Michelle. Sounds great. I love your blog! For the Philippines, you must read Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco.

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Thanks for a great site. Really enjoying myself, definitely adding to my to-read pile. Brilliant stuff — just the encouragement I need as I get in from an evening out and sit down to being the next post…. This site will be very useful to you, because we are doing something similar. Good luck and enjoy your reading! Marvellous — thanks. Great to hear from fellow literary globetrotters.

I am a proud Moldovan!!!

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Do you have any recommendations of novels, short story collections or memoirs I might be able to read in English translation? Great — thank you. I will try to get hold of a copy of Moldavian Autumn. This is SUCH a cool idea!!!!!! I love learning about other cultures, and I think one of the best ways to immerse yourself is to read their literature.

This is a brilliant idea. I wish I had come across this blog earlier. I think I might take this reading list and make it my own! Pingback: read 3 books a month pontify.

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Very nice, inspiring list. I am from Hungary, so I looked at your Hungarian choices with special curiosity, it was interesting to see, what would someone from an other country choose to read. I have to say, you made some very nice picks there! It is a very powerful book. Sorry, misspelled it: Fatelessness. Love your blog. If you need some inspiration for Dutch books, I have a new blog focussing on Dutch Literature: littledutchbook. I would definitely put Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulish on your list.

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And if you can find it Out of Mind by Bernlef, very powerful book! Happy reading! Thanks very much for these.

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  • I am thrilled to find your blog! Wow, what a great and ambitious reading list! I was happy to find some books under Oman, where I am living now as an expat. I will have to get my hands on those books.

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    Are you only reading novels, because the true story Eleni Greece is amazing as well. I look forward to following your quest. I too love reading books that are set in other countries, written either by native writers or expats who have traveled or lived in those countries.

    But my list is determined by my travel dreams.

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    Good to hear from you. Wow, Oman must be a fascinating place to live. Oh dear, I realized after I sent the comment that you were probably only including native writers. He actually was born and lived in Greece until he was 9 or 10, at which time his mother sent him away to America to his father.

    Because the Communists in Greece were taking children from their parents to indoctrinate them in Soviet bloc countries, she defied them and snuck Nicholas away. For that she was killed and this is the story of her life. So I would consider him a native writer. But it definitely has been an experience! Pingback: A Year of Reading the World. Pingback: Tema Narrativa. I have begun a similar project. I am restricting myself to short stories.

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    • You have done a lot of great research. If you have any suggestions I might have a go at translating one or two I can only handle some Western European languages. Also, could we have a shortlist of your favourite discoveries from the project? Thanks for sharing your adventures with the great reviews! Yes, there are plenty of things that should be translated out there. Portuguese- and French-speaking African countries are particularly badly served when it comes to translation. All the best for Great project, Ann! Lovely to meet another Cantabrigian in the blogosphere I went to Newnham.

      It reads more like a story than a poem, and is a reasonably short book although deeply moving.